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dedoporno: That reminds me of a joke. How are train to... scale models similar to boobs?

They are intended for kids but dads play with them.
The participation of one player is still unsure, so I'll wait until Monday to fix the final number of players and the balance and I'll start the game on Monday evening.
detective_razza: howdy folks! i'd love to join y'all in your next game :D
(p.s. joe sent me here) B)
Lifthrasil: Hi detective. Could you please either set your chat to public or accept my friend request? I have to be able to send you PMs for the game.
Super busy but good luck with the game
Hello, hello. Is signing up still open? I'd like to join y'all.
Ambiti0nZ: Hello, hello. Is signing up still open? I'd like to join y'all.
Have you given any thought to your character, assuming there's time for you to join?
Ambiti0nZ: Hello, hello. Is signing up still open? I'd like to join y'all.
Sure. Hop on board, if you have the time to check the game thread regularly and post something at least every two days. I'll put you down as random.
Ambiti0nZ: Hello, hello. Is signing up still open? I'd like to join y'all.
Oh, and very important: please accept my friend request or set your chat to public, so that I can send you PMs. That is required for the game.

@all: I'll wait a bit to start the game until I can contact Ambition and also maxleod wasn't entirely sure if RL might intervene. I am waiting for a confirmation from maxleod, which is due today.
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I see Lifthrasil's setting up the game thread. It's getting late here, and I'm pretty tired, so not sure I'll be back on tonight.
I'm still waiting for the confirmation of maxleod. Or should we just assume, that he can play because he didn't withdraw? Or should I assume that he can't play and move him to replacement, because he hasn't checked back in yet?

Or we wait for the confirmation one way or the other, but then the game start may be delayed to tomorrow. The 13 player game is set up now, but it's easy to re-balance to 12 players.

maxleod: I'll play. I sell fine leather jackets.
Can you play? It would be sad to start without you. You can't leave your dad, Lord Cephy, to his own devices after all!
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if we start and maxleod can't play we'll just have to force dessimu or fish to play >:)
We could do that. Having two replacement is a luxury that we could use. What do the others who are online think?
@Dessimu and microfish: would one of you be able to step in in two or three days, if maxleod can't play?

@all: I'll be afk for an hour. Then I'll decide.
I am back from vacation, so between normal work stuff and home projects, I will definitely have time to participate if replacement is needed. That said, I still hope no replacement will be needed.
OK. Maxleod just said that he has no time to play. Since Dessimu has so little time to play too, I will start with a 12-player setup and keep Dessimu as a replacement in case someone else has to drop out.

I'll re-assign the roles and start sending out the PMs.
That's a shame Maxleod! Play with us another time!