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Today, we’re going to take a glimpse at the classic gem from Cinemaware that lets you become a fighter pilot during WWI. Wings was released in 1990 and quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its challenging gameplay and captivating war story.

Did you know?
· The Studio, Cinemaware, focuses on providing a unique cinematic vibe to all its games. For example, their hit game Defender of the Crown was inspired by classic swashbuckler films, while the main inspiration for Wings was a motion picture from 1927.
· Wings was originally released on Amiga computers, but its GOG version uses a special emulator created by Cinemaware. Back in 2014, Retro Gamer included the game in its TOP 10 list of best Amiga 500 titles ever created.
· The game features a stunning 230 challenging missions set between 1916 and 1918. Between these missions, you get to read the stories about the everyday life of your squadron filled with historical trivia about WWI.

Wings!™ Remastered Edition
The game’s cult status meant developing a Wings!™ Remastered Edition was almost guaranteed and only a matter of time. The project was funded on Kickstarter, earning $91,380 by the end of its 30-day run in November 2013.
avatar Did you know?
fronzelneekburm: Did you know that Cinemaware fucked your company and your customers over royally by making some super awesome deal with gog (or, as Cinemaware called it on their own website: a "one-of-a-kind Amiga & PC distribution agreement") that was widely publicised at the time where they'd gradually release their catalogue here for $5.99 per game and then, after a measly three releases, they released the Cinemaware Anthology on Steam, which included all these games (plus a bunch more) for a fraction of the price?

At the time Cinemaware (or at least a user claiming to represent them) said that they "are working on something that will seek to compensate all of those who have supported us on GOG". Of course, none of that ever materialised and the Anthology is nowhere to be found either, while the grotuesquely overpriced gog releases are still available.

As it stands, the Cinemaware debacle still stands proudly as arguably the most blatant fucking over of and just flat-out lying to gog customers.

And now you're doing advertising for these bastards. Why?

Frankly, this makes me sick.
And yet, you're still on GOG.COM!
I own 1 game which was bought thru gog and that's why I'm still here, but if I hadn't bought it I unload gog in a heartbeat!
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