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Atlantico: A caveat to those benchmarks is that they're run on a Nvidia GPU, and to date there are no Nvidia GPUs that really do DX12 justice, basically it's going to be 1:1 performance between DX11 and DX12 on Nvida (as the video does demonstrate).

Benchmarks consistently reflect this on all current Nvida GPUs, that they either don't benefit at all from DX12 or perform marginally worse on DX12 compared to DX11.
That's a good point. But I think it's also because developers are learning to use DX12.
Stryder2931: I want to thank everyone for their responses, I really APPRECIATE the insight.
Of course you can keep your old system for the rare game which might be incompatible while giving 10 a shot and seeing if you like it or not yourself.
phaolo: ^ this guys seems a reliable individual, trust him.. XD
Better than those people who have no clue what they're talking about. No data still bitching.
Wait wait wait you guys

Just one question, can we acually switch OS or use a Virtual Image of it? I am getting mixed messages in here, and honestly, I want to play my Age of Empire games
rtcvb32: My opinion is to ignore windows 8 & 10 and use 7 if you're going to.

edit: Some of it might be over privacy concerns, but the performance seems to be getting worse with updates. I know at least a couple streamers who have had horrible performance not only with them seeding the updates, but with just getting worse where they had to re-install a base Windows 10 and then prevent updates from happening to keep the AU update from going through, and then the games and programs were working 10x faster. Maybe that's for the specific laptop I don't know.
The culprit of this is a feature called Game DVR, that was preactivated in the AU (or at least, is was happened to me). If you deactivated it, you gain a lot on performance, specially in games, because it limit the maximum FPS.
The bad? In order to disable this unwanted feature, you need a MS account to log in in the xbox app, because isn't any order way to disable it.
If I bought a new computer today that came with Windows 10 on it I would keep it there for sure but add another disk and install a suitable Linux distro on that with Wine too. That should cover all (pc) games I play, probably you too. An aquaintance of mine swears by VM with old Windows version(s?) but I have no experience with that.