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Found this while downloading mods for Torchlight 2:)

list of games that you can win

AquaNox 2: Revelation
Banner Saga
Caesar 3
Darksiders Warmastered Edition
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Dreamfall The Longest Journey
Dungeons 2
Earthworm Jim 1 + 2
Freespace 2
Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Grand Ages: Medieval
Grim Fandango
Homeworld Remastered
Icewind Dale
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection
Jazz Jackrabbit Collection
Myst Masterpiece Edition
Pharaoh + Cleopatra
Planescape Torment
Police Quest 1 + 2
SpellForce 2 - Anniversary Edition
Sudden Strike 2 Gold
Sudden Strike 3
Sudden Strike Gold
Syberia 2
Syberia 3
System Shock: Enhanced Edition
System Shock™ 2
The 11th Hour
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
The Guild Gold Edition
The Longest Journey
Vampire Redemption