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suyangzuo: When will "GOG Galaxy" be released?
There is no such thing as release date for Galaxy because Galaxy is not a single feature that we can just release and say "done" but an ecosystem of features. That's also why the date is so vague. Other reason would be that we prefer to underpromise than underdeliver :)

Coming back to your question - I'd break it down into few parts

First, some of the Galaxy features were available in closed multiplayer beta of The Witcher Adventure Game (networking & backend, matchmaking, lobbies, in-game chat). FYI, we've sent over 150.000 beta keys as of today and while we will be soon concluding this beta, there will be many more Galaxy-powered games like that coming, one of them in the very coming weeks ramping up into many more in the months after (way over 40 devs have access to our SDK but here we're depending on developer release schedule).

Then there is also a Galaxy Client - some parts of it, like auto-updating, were already available in mentioned The Witcher Adventure Game, and the full app supporting entire library is also coming but keep in mind this is not a small task - all our games are being rebuild to offer installation and updating via Client while also keeping their standalone installers, which creation we'd like to automate as well rather than making the whole pipeline an overkill. Then, many other features - like achievements for example - also depend on having Galaxy powered game that supports them in the first place. And as you'd expect different games then require different features.

Finally - many other features which will be later needed to power other stuff are actually already released on GOG - good example here are Galaxy accounts system, which all of you are now using... maybe some of you noticed this when we've launched new login and signup forums. It sounds like no big deal but there are many dependencies here - friends system is just one example which is also linked to achievements somewhat, which might require some overlay which in turn depends on a Client.
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011284mm: I am sorry, but are you saying you guys are having to go through and repackage every game individually? If so, are you going to do that for games that are no longer available through the store too, or are they dropped?
The goal is that every game from your account can be installed and updated with the Galaxy Client.

011284mm: Also, please keep the standalone (no internet required) installation. It is the one thing about your move to Galaxy that actually scares me.
Nobody is taking standalone installers away. As I mentioned in my post "all our games are being rebuild to (...) Client, while also keeping their standalone installers".
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AxMi-24: I signed up and it took a while for the mail to arrive (a week or two) and the code expired in that time. Is this something known or am I just unlucky (it was to a gmail address in case that matters)
The expired code was a bug on our end. Please try again and it should work.
Trilarion: My guess is that the people working on Galaxy have quite some busy days behind and in front of them.
We're doing ok :) Happy to be a part of all this! :)
vicklemos: I've been with Galaxy for some months and I was already pleased with everything, specially the latest updates.
But these screenshots, man, they've made me drool already :)

All I know now is that TinyE's friends list will require a separate weekly update. And poor Judas... man I feel sorry for him. The dude's gonna receive 900 friend invites daily :P
I have a simple policy for that: if I don't know you, I won't add you :P

edit: for clarity :D
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