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Well, I want to see Capcom, Konami, Sega and etc on GOG. But it seems those companies are not interested in DRM-free distribution services. For example, Konami sells its games via different stores, but all versions require Steam.
For AAA titles, you should focus on publishers rather than GOG. Because I think most of them are pro-DRM & pro-Steam. When they don't want to release their games on GOG, there is no reason to blame GOG.
SCPM: I happen to know Activision's going to be releasing some more titles here in the future, including Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.
Oh man, I would love if you'd be able to elaborate on that, even on PM ;)
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Tauto: OP,all the smartarses aren't here yet but give them time.
Crewdroog: Hi :)
Hi :)
tfishell: You'd be better off asking the appropriate devs and pubs why game x isn't here, on social media, their forums, etc.

And, of course, "I" =/= "we" - Firewatch had over 1,200 votes, Deponia Doomsday nearly 700, Evil Islands over 450, and the combined 2K releases probably close to 30 or 40,000.
Give that man a cigar!

Runic Games has been asked on their own forums multiple times if they're going to release TL2 on GOG and each time the question has been rebuffed.
SeduceMePlz: I had a list of threads where newbs were blasted into the negative rep for being a bit clueless or just airing complaints in a civil way. Most never come back after that 'welcome'. Can't find the file right now; might be on USB stick, and I don't feel like hunting for it.

Dumb shit should be called out, and for more egregious posts that can be rightly snarky, but there's an undercurrent around here that seems all too eager to the cross the line from gentle correction to "dogpile mf-ing gangbang" at the slightest opportunity. (Not saying that's what happened here, just that I was worried it might.)
While I agree that occasionally people go a bit far (or display a particular brand of GoG humour that could come across as offensive if you didn't know it wasn't, which newbies generally wouldn't) I think in many cases (this one included) you get what you give.
If he hadn't started off his post by being obnoxious and insulting he might have gotten a slightly better response.
In any case I have to agree with the people saying he's downright wrong too as in the last few weeks / months we've had some pretty great new additions (not just the games themselves but the potential for more too, like 2K coming)
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On a related note, what the heck is wrong with the weather? Why are there sometimes cloudy days where it doesn't even rain? Clouds serve no real purpose unless it rains, so they should exist only for rain. I hate days like those. Clouds which don't rain should be banned.

Also, why was the last summer here in Finland so cold? Wasn't the climate change supposed to bring hot climate here too? There were a couple of warmer summers some years ago when it was constantly over +30 Celsius degrees even for many weeks, even going up to 37 degrees. I kinda liked that even if it made my apartment too hot, but it was a nice change from the cold winters we had those years too. Why can't we have more summers like that here? Who's in charge here?

Can't someone e.g. yank the Earth's poles a bit so that Finland faces the sun more directly? I know the technology exists, still nothing. Africa, Middle-East and SE Asia have had millions of years of warm weather already due to be better positioned towards the sun, now it is our turn.
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I think in time, when Galaxy client is more optimized and modified, and expanded, there will be a bigger variety of games.
Flawless satire two posts above me.
I have never seen GOG as the place to get modern and relatively new triple-A games.
Ricky_Bobby: I have never seen GOG as the place to get modern and relatively new triple-A games.
It doesn't have to be the place. It is enough to be a place (also for modern and relatively new triple-A games).
the problem lies in the "what we want" part. we all want different things, example i don't care at all about Bethesda, i wouldn't even sacrifice my least favorite goat to get fallout 4 or elder scrolls 6 on Gog. other people might disagree. vice versa for things i care about,
so while i haven't been too excited about fire watch and no man's sky, i trust that my time will come yet again.

[i]disclaimer: sacrificing goats is not an effective method to get your favorite game on Gog.
also i have no least favorite goat, i love them all equally. and elder scrolls 6, I'm too weak to stand against the hype, even though i know I'm gonna hate it
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DampSquib: Better communication of what is coming wouldn't go amiss either (older titles) not new stuff.
The wait and see policy bites.....
Considering that GOG has an "Upcoming" tab on the home page, I have to believe that there are closed-door reasons why they can't be more vocal about new acquisitions. Maybe the publisher doesn't want to advertise a DRM-Free release ahead of time because it might dissuade people from buying the game(s) on a different platform. There are probably a multitude of reasons, but that's the first one that came to mind.
DampSquib: Gog does have game i want, and continues to get others i didn't know i wanted.
This. If the size of my library and my wishlist are any indication, GOG definitely gets games that I want as well as many games I didn't even know I wanted until I saw them released here. There is bound to be enough entertainment here that appeals to you to some capacity that can tide you over until something you really want comes around. This has been the case with me for nearly two years now.
nate1222: I'm gonna piss of alotta hipsters here, but here goes...

Over the past couple of months, many of GOG's offerings have been boring 'simulations', point-n-click games, or indie games featuring pixel art yet AAA hardware requirements. The likes of Nuclear Throne is a great exception, and getting Turok and Quake III Gold are awesome (in spite of their price). However, we have yet to see more games of a Far Cry ilk or a Divinity Dragon Commander ilk hit GOG.

With Bethesda bringing their back-catalog to GOG, where the Hell is Oblivion? It's damn near 10 years old! Quake IV is practically two generations old! Where's Quake IV?

Torchlight II (Win/Mac/Linux) has been on Humble Store twice and DRM-free! Where the Hell is Torchlight II?

I'm really starting to wonder here...
Who actually wants Dragon Commander... it's terrible.
While GOG have done some amazing work in bringing some of the games that I have wanted over, I must admit the indie and in-development games usually do not interest me.

That said, if GOG only got round to getting the games up that I wanted there would be plenty of people complaining about missing indies etc.

So long as GOG stay DRM free and keep up the good work in general - I'm happy.
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drewpants: Who actually wants Dragon Commander... it's terrible.
Funny but true, I think Licurg is a big fan of this game. :P
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drewpants: Who actually wants Dragon Commander... it's terrible.
tinyE: Funny but true, I think Licurg is a big fan of this game. :P
I doubt that's due to the gameplay. :P