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Can't argue with the mystical power of The Quiz.

This Spring Sale is all about fresh beginnings and self discovery. Those who are looking for the most acclaimed and beloved representatives of each genre need only look at our Favorites collections. But if you enjoy trying new things, we have several offbeat, unconventional collections for you to check out. How will you know which one is for you, though? Well, we've come up with a highly scientific, foolproof way to help you find out: an elaborate quiz designed to reveal What Type of Gamer Are You?

Ready? Let's go!
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reportedly, reader.
but reading english is rather a torture for me :-)
The links are timing out on me. Oh well.
Another Thinker here. It "found" me I guess--I have 8 of the 10 in that collection, and eventually will get the ninth. The most I have in any of the other collections is 5. I think of myself as an action/shooter whore though...
Ravenous Reader

Already got 7 of the suggested games, the other three are wishlisted. Hit and sunk :-D
I'm a Hipster.

That's cool, i gue- uh, i mean... lame.
So, I got "Serial Killer".

I didn't get any game recommendations, but I did get a notification that my local authorities would be notified of my IP address.

The Impatient...

the quiz was taking longer than 30 seconds to open so i closed it...
I got "Ravenous Reader"! And then I already owned all the games GOG curated for my specific tastes. Of course I do!
rtcvb32: The Impatient...

the quiz was taking longer than 30 seconds to open so i closed it...
Who would have guessed.... :-P

You won Tyrian 2000. Congrats!!!
yogsloth: So, I got "Serial Killer".
Shouldn't have stolen my cookie...
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This was the first time in my life I have ever been called a hipster... and I am kinda offended by that.

I don't own a single of the hipster collection games either... this test is silly.

I honestly do not mind being a statistical outlier.
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playbuzz site too scummy to use.

(System almost locked with SECURITY WARNINGS when accessing with IE.)
Another 'Thinker' here ... with a rather meagre list of recommendations. And I don't see why Superhot should count as a thinking man's game. I don't see it as a game to begin with, just a gimmick piece.

It's a fun idea for a sale-pitch though, something different.
Hey, I'm a Ravenous Reader. Sounds about right. Too bad I already own most of the games in the bundle.
On question 2 anything after answer 1 was pretty much the same....
Another Ravenous Reader checking in. Quite a neat idea, GOG. Well done!