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Tallima: I failed at Witcher 1. I just couldn't do it. I'm toward the end of chapter 2 in Witcher 2 and asked for the books for Christmas. I am seeing why the books are important. There are so many characters and locations and empires and kingdoms that it can be hard to follow the game.
give another chance to the witcher 1. until the end of chapter 2. the first time I played it I immediately wanted to give up to play the witcher 2, which looked nicer, but fortunately I have not stopped playing it.
When I then played the witcher 2 I realized that there were many missing things... And it was not good like The Witcher 1 at all.
I really can understand why so many people think the witcher 1 is not good when they try to play it the first time... but when you reach at least the end of chapters 2 you will like it.
fables22: Also, the books are VERY good themselves, even if you completely disregard the game (although why would you:)).