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Quite ironic how the FCKDRM initiative is meant to educate people and the new site update just made it harder to access any relevant information and replaced words by images.
MadalinStroe: Oh, I see how things are going. I take it that we can expect 2-3 weeks of daily posts, about how people hate the new look, and they are leaving GOG, because it's becoming like Steam and THE END IS COMING...
Maxvorstadt: Well, I got my towel, so I won`t panic!
Well, I hate the new look, but won't abandon GOG. The new design is much harder to use, less appealing, and mostly unneeded. However, I didn't start a new thread over it :P
The reason to complain loudly (and hopefully politely) is that companies sometimes do listen to their customers and make changes based off popular demand. :D
Also, Max, do you think we can form a towel brigade? :P
Oh, just to clarify: I said that it looks steamish, not that it has become steamish. :-)
Breja: Basically everything about GOG got remade from the ground up
Except broken forum software. I guess it's such an iconic feature that updating it could be considered rude towards users who expect it to stay broken.
Maxvorstadt: I was more than a year not here, now I come back and GoG looks and feels so freaking different and so.... Steamish! What has happened? Has the dark side really taken over GoG?
I believe GOG genuinely wants to be true competition to Steam now.
Every website I like now has giant buttons and a toony look for those palm device bozos who are road menaces, or being paid to work, not text and shop.