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"Es geht nicht um Fakten, es geht um eine grosse Erzaehlung" - Bestsellerautor Mathias Broeckers
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Maiden uniteD - To Tame a Land
Michelle Gurevich - Left you at the Farm
John Lennon -- Nutopian International Anthem (sometimes one wants to listen to nothing).
It's that time again...
Oliver Kalkofe - Anti-Buettenrede #KalkTV
"Kampf oder Untergang" - Was sagt Noam Chomsky dazu? Emran Feroz traf ihn in den USA

Die neue Strategie der Rechtsextremen

Gilet Jaunes - Gelbwesten - Rebellion der Ausgegrenzten
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The Phantom Operator - Life Before My Eyes
I'm in one of my "shifts" again - I was recently all agog (no pun intended) to discover a new cd by The Old Firm Casuals, which lead me to Lion's Law whom I liked so much I bought all three of their cd's. So for the past few weeks it's been all "Oi!" and "Lace up yer boots!"

But today I felt the urge to listen to 90's country and that's my current "zen." Go figure.
The Cranberries - Ridiculous Thoughts
Staatsstreicher, Klinkenputzer, Kommunisten | Das 3. Jahrtausend #20
Artikel 13: Deswegen ist er nicht praxistauglich! | Rechtsanwalt Christian Solmecke
Johnny Bush - Wine Me Up
Europa & Samba Pa Ti - Santana - Live at Montreux - YouTube
"Bohemian Rhapsody" Steve Vai & Malmsteen & Zakk Wylde & Nuno@Atlantic City 11/30/18 - YouTube