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Any stories?

Recently I decided to grab the first FEAR but found that the game ran very sluggishly. Even on 640x480 with most settings on low/medium I could only manage about 15fps. Seeing as FEAR 3 runs very smoothly and looks much better I figured that my gpu simply doesn't like some other setting in the graphics options. Looking over some threads about the game's poor performance I came across a solution: disable the 5 HID-compliant devices in Device Manager. Don't know why, but it instantly solved the problem. +40fps on the same and even much higher settings at higher resolutions. Weird...
solution.png (10 Kb)
This laptop came installed with windows 10. Every so often, I have to run through the device manager and remove random items like this. There was a thread here a couple of weeks ago about something like this. I'll link to it later on. I have a court ordered meeting with the county that I need to leave for.

You don't mention your hardware. Is the video card shared in anyway? I know on my last laptop, I would have to occasionally turn off stuff like networking and bluetooth to get (Oh, I forget the name. One of the high end imaging compiling softwares) to run on it since everything was shared on the motherboard. One of the reasons I made sure both the video card and its memory weren't shared on this one.

Of course I finally just built a small stack of computers now for video compiling.
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I remember that Broken Sword's original installer had problems detecting the real HDD free space on slightly newer systems.
I had to create temporary fake files just to make it pass the check XD
It probably also crashed when swapping CDs or something, so I had to create virtual disks.. such PITA lol.


When I was little, I couldn't really win a mission in X-wing called Blunt Stick.
I had to destroy a satellite behind a group of enemies, but they were too strong for me (heavy shields, high speed, many homing torpedos).
I kept dying over and over until.. by mistake I found a (repeatable) bug\feature that made me warp ahead!
Thus, I managed to skip them entirely lol. I was so happy about it :D
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drmike: You don't mention your hardware. Is the video card shared in anyway?
Not sure what you mean by shared, but it's a laptop with two video cards, an intel graphics HD and a stronger Radeon one.