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A treasure chest filled with gaming's most precious gems.

Have you somehow still managed to get through life without ever trying any of the unparalleled classics inhabiting EA's star-studded catalog? Shhhh, not so loud! Now quick, this way, before anyone finds out!
Here's your chance to redeem yourself: our <span class="bold">Weekly Sale Vol. 15</span>, brimming with timeless masterpieces which you have totally already played, in case anyone asks.

No other game managed to quite capture the true horror of being stalked by nightmarish creatures, twitching their way towards you from the other end of a dim corridor echoing with Dead Space. If you haven't yet tried this terrifying classic, do yourself a favor and be made whole again.

Everybody agrees that becoming God ain't easy. But what they don't tell you is that it can be enormously fun! Build cities humming with magic, conquer planet after planet, and wreak havoc upon your followers when you feel like it - Populous: The Beginning is your godly playground.

As always, there's more – including Dragon Age: Origins, Legend Of Kyrandia, The Saboteur, Crysis, Theme Hospital, and plenty of others!

The <span class="bold">Weekly Sale Vol. 15</span> will last until May 15, 4:00 PM UTC.
Decent promo but i already have everything i want from it. Money saved. :D
Does The Saboteur still have problems with CPUs that have more than four cores? I guess I should get that before I do my Ryzen-upgrade, hehe..

Also, can a RX 470 run Crysis, I wonder..
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high rated
If EA wants to increase sales on GOG then they should expand their catalog offerings here.
low rated
Another missed opportunity for some Connect titles.
Will be in this sale also Ultima™ Underworld 1+2?
It never stopes to amaze me how much EA's I own ;-D
Wallet is safe this time.
Any recommendations pertaining the older titles in this sale?
Unless we get a part 2 of this sale on Friday, I guess I won't be buying anything. :(
There are some titles on my wishlist.
Maybe I'll buy one or two games this week.
high rated
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Lots of good games in this promo, but most people will already own them.
Good sale, but I own most of the offered games. Hopefully we'll get some new games on Thursday ;).
OdanUrr: Any recommendations pertaining the older titles in this sale?
Alpha Centauri and Dungeon Keeper, when you are interested in strategy games.
OdanUrr: Any recommendations pertaining the older titles in this sale?
SimCity 4.