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Some games never get old and even years after release still manage to give us loads of fun. This Weekly Sale on GOG.COM is dedicated to timeless DRM-free classics with discounts reaching up to 89%. Here are some of the best examples:

Deus Ex GOTY Edition (-86%) is an excellent blending of RPG and FPS genres combined with a multi-layered storyline set in a dark cyberpunk world.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete (-75%) is an evergreen turn-based strategy game. Conquer the kingdom of Erathia - play alone or alongside your friends in a co-op mode.

Worms: Armageddon (-80%) is a hilarious artillery game that you can enjoy on your own or with friends. Use over 55 weapons to obliterate your enemy team.

Remember, there are other fun titles present on GOG.COM’s latest Weekly Sale that ends on 6th July 2020, 1 PM UTC.

Want to see the gameplay of some cool classics present on this Weekly Sale? The Stream Team on our Twitch channel is up to the task! Here are some examples:

· Diablo played by DarkSaber2k - 1st July, 8 PM UTC.
· Grim Fandango Remastered played by Dizzy – 2nd July, 2 AM UTC.
· Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis played by Dyalad – 4th July, 1 AM UTC.

Of course, that’s not all. Check out the complete stream schedule here.
SmashManiac: Isn't it the 5th time in a row that Deus Ex is on sale? It doesn't deserve this ridiculously low price!
Yeah, here I was thinking it was just severe deja vu but it's definitely running a circuit with how many times it's been in sales within the last month (at least).

It may not have asked for it, but it got it anyway.
Post edited June 30, 2020 by TheMonkofDestiny
Sjuan: I bought Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Thief. They spoke highly of both of them and told me that the third of Heroes of Might and Magic is the best in the franchise.
That's true, both games are excellent. If you enjoy Thief, Thief II is a no-brainer.
Can anyone confirm if Worms WMD is fully up to date on GOG right now ? thx for the help. I'm aware of Team17 past here.
Post edited July 01, 2020 by ChrisGamer300
Great selection of games, though I can't attest to what may be missing patches. (I assume not many since these are mostly "good old games"). fingers crossed the missing Tomb Raider games show up, a few of those games are even newer than Legend.

System Shock 2 has of course been cheaper previously but that's still a good price for a good game.