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Dogmaus: So not only it's over priced but still DRM-ed even on GOG. This game is cursed. It was not possible to play it at release because of the dRM, and even now it has DRM problems on GOG. EA is rediculous. Thanks for the link.
Sarafan: Actually it's not DRM-ed much more than any game that uses Galaxy for multiplayer purpose. GOG probably could release the game without any form of online feature, but decided to include it even at the cost of controversies. Or maybe this was EA requirement. Anyway I understand the aversion in this case. Ideally the game should have online features that don't require any additional applications or logins to third party sites.
It's not more or less DRMed like "using Galaxy". It requires a key that will not be provided as EA doesn't admit their are selling the game on GOG. "lol".
BookCrazy: Woah, so does spore crash in the later stages???
OHMYGODJCABOMB: I haven't tested it yet because I'm still waiting for my serial keys.
Oh, ok. Was just asking to see how bad the crashes were and whether to get the game or not. Thanks for the reply! :)
For those interested:
DARQ: Complete Edition is on its historical low, -80%.
It has it's own sale page so it's easy to be missed. The offer ends in 2 days, the same as weekly sale.

Anyone tried the game under Linux? Looks very interesting.
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OP_2021: Grim Dawn Definitive Edition was definitely 60% off. No problem, I can wait...
Yeah, they reduced the discount, so no one can complain any longer about the discounts for the DLCs. At least they hope so...