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I rarely get sick but one time I was so sick that I puked all over my laptop and actually passed out for a moment. When I woke up, I was too ill to think about turning the laptop off immediately - perhaps it was ruined anway but puke is just about the worst thing you can spill on your laptop.
Post edited December 16, 2017 by awalterj
Don't listen to "thiojoe" on Youtube! He thinks it's funny giving bad advice on purpose.
Kicked a computer when I was a kid because cartoon characters pulled that sort of stuff all the time and it seemed funny. Except it didn't work again and someone else didn't find it as funny...I imagine this can count as accidental, because kid stuff.
Not to mention a computer that kinda exploded on me (well, slight exaggeration, it was just the PSU) and another one which caught fire...yes, I seemed to have a problem with them back then. Things seem smoother these days, though... until disaster strikes again!