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20 years have passed since the cult military combat series from Bohemia Interactive captivated gamers around the world. Visit the ARMA 3 YouTube channel today, at 5 PM UTC to join the anniversary celebrations along with two Bohemia Interactive's legends – Marek Spanel and Ivan Buchta. You can expect a big dose of nostalgia and… a few surprises.

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darkangelz: (the newspost does mention "afew surprises" ):
The stream is already over sooo... it could be deliberately misleading to make you watch the whole thing, idk

Anyway, let's celebrate arma not being removed from gog!
ChrisGamer300: Perhaps GOG should stop promoting Bohemia Interactive for good and instead spend time with devs who are actually worth a shit.
Not gonna lie, it does seem awkward for them to run a marketing piece basically saying "you should totally go to this social-media channel dedicated to a game that's probably never coming here because legacy reasons." I mean sure, the free game is nice and all, but come on Bohemia--we'd love to give y'all some money for your products but doing so requires availability of the said products.
Jaujon: Arma 2 coming back?
Arma 2 was on GOG? WTF? What happened to it?
DoomSooth: Don't forget to give us the legas when you give us the Armas.
Nearly shot coffee out of my noseas when I read this. Nice one!
high rated
So... they gave away a game that has been given away (elsewhere, obviously) several times, they get praise for this after removing games from here and not only we didn't get ARMA 3, we didn't get back 2 either.
Most underwhelming event of 2021?
Already bought the game on the day it returned but it was nice of them to offer. It's a little disappointing that we didn't get Combined Operations back, though. I hope Bohemia reconsiders.
There was nothing in the stream that justifies forcing people to sign into youtube. It's probably why the old embed trick still works so you can see the saved stream on the link.

It gives a rundown of their past but skirts around some more interesting parts of their history.
A few of the answers to the users questions were strange such as why they aren't focused on VR despite the game have plenty features that would easily work with VR or why they don't think Arma would be good for esports by referring to the A.I instead unless he meant the game was too buggy for that.
ArmA game free, thanks I'll take it !!!