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To participate, is simple:

[ Post something related to post-apocalyptic. It can be a image, the name of a movie, book, game (except Fallout, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Wasteland 2...). ]

[ Rep (minimum) : 50 ]

You can enter for other gogger, if you want.

Good luck.


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Which Wasteland?
tinyE: Which Wasteland?
The first one.
tinyE: Which Wasteland?
almabrds: The first one.
Good thing I asked, I have that one. :P
I'll try my luck with this post-apocalyptic vision of a London fallen into ruins.
Thanks for the chance!
Not in; +1 for your generosity though.
I'll leave a link to a set of pictures of some big cities 20 years after the Apocalypse created by John Walters and Peter Baustdaeter (inspired by the video game The Last of Us).
Not in, but Wasteland 1 is a great game. It's like Ultima 5 meets the Bard's Tale in a post-apocalyptic setting.
I have a chance.. I guess I could try it? it's pretty old though Still could be good. =)

Oh post something apocalyptic? I don't know Metallica enter Sandman or Dune theme ^^

I know that's not theme. but it is something, quick and painless.
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You don't need big weapons to cause the apocalypse, a simple Virus is enough:
I'm going to assume that Metro is out as well...

I'm In and if you haven't read "The Road" by Cormac Mcarthy, shame on you. One of my favorite books of all time. It follows a man and a boy as they wander down a road after the apocalypse. It never tells you what happened, was it a nuke? no idea, the author doesn't even know.

It's a good book and you should read it.

Thanks for the give away +1
I thought this looked cool Carrier WTF? Ok well that link isn't working so I found a hot post apocalyptic Babe
She's a little dirty, but nothing that can't be cleaned up...

And thanks, but I already have W1 so if i can, I'll be in for Antimateria
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Can I please be entered for a chance to win Wasteland 1? Thanks. An excellent post-apocalyptic game is The Last of Us!
In. Thank you for giveaway.
If you are in board games I strongly encourage you to give Heuroshima Hex! a chance:
Does this count?
I would like to enter please.
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l0rdtr3k: Does this count?
I would like to enter please.
Looks like wasteland 2 art.