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Destructoid's review of Kero Blaster
ZTGD's review of Skullgirls
Game Skinny's review of Lisa
Destructoid's review of 1001 Spikes
Destructoid's review of Castle Crashers
Voted only Castle Crashers!
Voted for Skullgirls, seems like an interestiThe others i´ll see tomorrow.
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PC Gamer's review of Kero Blaster
Had already done some in another thread you had but added votes for Skullgirls (love more fighting games!), Lisa, and 1001 Spikes. Come on GOG keep bringing more indies in!
Voted for Skullgirls. A DRM-free Skullgirls 2nd Encore version would be nice to have!
Voted for all of 'em, but particularly interested in Lisa and Kero Blaster!
RPGamer's review of Lisa
DarkStation's review of 1001 Spikes
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I end it up voting for Castle crashers, Rex rocket and Lisa. They were the most interesting for me.