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Yes, exactly. It's important to remember that not everyone has the same level of awareness or knowledge about these issues, and we should strive to educate and inform rather than condemn. It's also worth noting that many consumers may not have much choice in the matter if the games they want to play are only available on platforms with DRM. But at the same time, it's important to hold companies accountable for their practices and to push for more consumer-friendly policies whenever possible. Thanks for bringing up this important nuance.
Magnitus: Fair enough, I guess I was a little harsh in that assessment. Probably that a fair amount of people simply don't know any better as this issue isn't on their radar. Those people have my sympathies.
IMHO, it was actually not that harsh, it is preciselly how I see things and we are way past the point of non-return, so we can safely joke about it.

Many people are too busy with life to care about any tech thing, but many people around me just embrace tech stuff because the other people embrace too (FOMO sindrome). People that work in the IT industry might get a broader vision than mine, but not caring is never the right thing to do, just look the way people embrace subscription services and "walled gardens" with a big smile on the face.

If it's related to pop culture or education (can we really disconnect both?) or even big corpo's doing they work corretly I don't know, but I was in shock recently when visiting a friends house, to see the 8th grade kid doing the public school homework on a STMicroelectronics ST-Link.
I couln't help but asking myself, why tha crap was he trying to do stuff in a complex (for someone who knows absolutly nothing about microcontrollers) software, if the objective of the class is to learn the general concept of robotics, why not a more visual and intuitive sofware? Of course I know the answer.

Valve keep doing this the way they do because it's working. The same way Adobe and Office subscription services are working, people were annoyed at first but quickly forgot because there was a new annoying thing just around the corner.

It's a good time to insert a punchline joke about smartphones now?