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No Man's Sky: Beyond, a free content update is now available, DRM-free.. Get No Man's Sky 50% off until August 21st, 5 PM UTC.

Beyond contains three major updates rolled into one larger free release. These changes are a mix of features Hello Games have been dreaming of for a while, and a reaction to how they have seen folks playing since the release of NEXT.

An expanded online experience brings a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together. Meanwhile, VR support brings the entire game experience to life in virtual reality.

Below is a brief summary of what you can find in BEYOND:

– Virtual Reality support
– VR user Interface
– VR user interactions
– VR controller support
– 16-32 multiplayer
– Multiplayer missions
– Ambient multiplayer
– A new social hub
– New traveller NPCs
– Dynamic NPCs
– Alien Languages
– New alien encounters
– Technology trees
– Gameplay Balance
– Discovery Page overhaul
– Planetary Charts
– Creature taming/riding/milking
– Cooking & Recipes
– Cooler Aliens
– Improved base building
– Power & Logic & Industrial Bases
– Optimisation
– Starship enhancements
– First person exocraft driving
– Vulkan
– PC graphics options
– Expanded controller support
– Sitting
– Version 2.0
Tonphu: Still can't run game with new update. video card ran it fine a few updates ago *haven't played in a while* and far as I know My card runs Vulkan just fine. I don't recieve ANY pop-ups to tell me wtf the game won't start...just *FAILS* to initiate...this is pissing me off.
What's your video card and have you updated to the latest drivers?
BuryTomorrow: Hello. I'm a VR user, I just managed to make it run on my Vive Pre.

That's it. Hope this helps people out.
Thank you.
Anyone here played multiplayer yet? Can't say that "collecting resources with other people" sounds any better than doing it solo.
tntc4: After updating, the game wont start :(
Woolytoes: Can you still install and play the last version before the Update?
Should be possible on GOG if I remember correctly :)
I can't install past releases because they make too many patches.
correction: after install latest patch the game is runing but warning about my nVidia drivers that support vulcan is appear on the screen.
the game is still playeable with my old drivers. :)
novumZ: I'm sorry I cannot help you further.
faroot: You mean you *won't* answer, and there is nothing wrong with nvidia's drivers.. Downvotes it is.
What the hell is your problem? o.O
faroot: You mean you *won't* answer, and there is nothing wrong with nvidia's drivers.. Downvotes it is.
richlind33: What the hell is your problem? o.O
He refused to answer the question about what was wrong with updating nvidia drivers, so he was spreading Fear Uncertainty and Doubt but refusing to discuss it. I have nvidia drivers, so this was not an idle question, I really wanted to know if I should avoid updating my drivers.

Someone else eventually gave a simple straight answer to the question.

But thank you for both your reading comprehension and for being so friendly on the internet, which is often a hostile place. Congratulations on making it a little better with your posts. Really makes my day.
Post edited August 25, 2019 by faroot