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And thanks for the christmas gifts :-)
Pathologic HD

There's a download button above the image. The full file is around 18mb .png.
Stuff: Thiev, if you find a better cover image please delete one or both of these . . . =)

Normality A:
Normality B:

>>> Cover List <<<
these links seem broken, as they dont load,

it will great to the normality cover again as i use to have the big box but itose it out like some other boxes, now i would like to get this cover, a cover of the original would be great to have
this link for vampire the masquerade goes to, no image there, a re-upload would be great
Thank you so much for all of the fantastic covers.

I went to download the Ultima covers, but the links seemed to be broken. Thanks again and keep those wonderful covers coming!
Hicks233: Pathologic HD
Amazing work, well done!
There are some great Ultima covers made by . You can also find a more complete list of Ultima covers on [url=]

Have you checked mosart's old covers archive for the ones you want?
If you can't find what you're looking for you can request them here.
madchucky: . . .
Here ya go . .

Dark Fall Lights Out

Normality A

Normality B

Vampire Redemption

Sorry, missed your earlier post . . .

Blood - One Unit Whole Blood A

Blood - One Unit Whole Blood B

Blood Combo Pack

Edit: Here is a link to the old cover list that will work . . . GOG has archived the page.

Most of the links are broken as cubeupload has been deleting images that have not been accessed in several months so . .
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sscamaro1967: . . .
Took a while to find them . .

Ultima 1-2-3

Ultima 4-5-6_A

Ultima 4-5-6_B

Ultima 4_A

Ultima 4_B

Ultima 7 Complete Edition_A

Ultima 7 Complete Edition_B

Ultima Trilogy

Ultima Underworld 1-2
madchucky: . . .
Thanks Stuff!
I miss the old library shelf :(
Cavenagh: I miss the old library shelf :(
Try Adalias script :D
Cavenagh: I miss the old library shelf :(
moonshineshadow: Try Adalias script :D
Thanks I'll look into that.

Happy new year
Fallout 2 (Interplay as publisher)

Same as with Pathologic - There's a download button above the image for the full size file.

Also an alternate "cleaner" version with the logos on the back cover.
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Metro 2033 Redux (also comes with handy Moscow Metro Map) ;)