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I have used that to reinstall Windows 10 on my mum's computer once but that already had Windows 10. Really good thing anyone can download that.
Themken: I have a Win7 retail key but when looking at MS' website it says the free upgrade has gone and is no more.
Pretty sure it still works like JAAHAS has posted.
Although, M$ may have changed the EULA or something, I do recall something about it like a year ago limiting the upgrade for "general public". It may make ideed illegal do do it, I dont really know, have to further research to be sure.
I still use it on the computers I build from time to time.

As I said on previous post, Win8.1 is my recomendation, even if most people said is not good, it really is!
Linux Mint (or other distro of choice, I happen to use Mint) is still the way to go as primary OS IMHO, more so if you don´t like shady corporate stuff.


The article is from 2016 but was last updated 13 june 2019 and the article is still online so it still might be legal.
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