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The Guild 3 is probably my most looking forward towards title in their catalogue.
My most anticipated THQ goodie would be the Dawn of War franchise, which unfortunately won't happen because of SEGA.
Another remaster of the former THQ portfolio: Baja: Edge of Control HD. I hope it is coming to GOG.
The Punisher was published by THQ back in the day. I suppose a new deal with Marvel would have to be struck for it to show up here. But since Marvel is part of Disney (at least to the best of my knowledge) and Disney is already here, maybe there is a slim chance this mindless gorefest will show up here.
I really hope that they remaster Red Faction 3 & 4 too and modify Volitions GeoMod Engine to make a proper remake of Red Faction 1.

Did THQ Nordic buy the GeoMod Engine when they won the THQ auction in 2013 it did it go together with Volition to Deepsilver?
With Sine Mora EX and de Blob we are getting two more remasters/ports. I am sure they will be released on GOG as well.

Edit: de Blob 2 will also be released for PC
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We did not get Baja: Edge of Control port on GOG? Does GOG have a problem with racing games? Also most MX titles and Juiced are missing here.

I also hope to see the newer Red Factions and Frontlines here, all available on Windows.

Destroy all Humans was added to the Xbox One Backwards compatible library. This series I would love to see ported over to PC.