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popperik: 4M doesn't seem like a lot after all that hype, does it?
It's only been 2 weeks. And The Witcher isn't GTA, Diablo or Starcraft or any of those high profile games. It has always been pretty niche. 4m is a darn good number if u ask me.
imo 4m for 2weeks is pretty good :)
Question is how it compares to dragon Age and mass effect 3
Seems like a lot of console love for what is essentially a new IP for them :


63 per cent of physical copies were sold on PlayStation 4,
32 per cent on Xbox One (unusual insofar as W2 was a 360 exclusive so it had history wit XBOX)
5 per cent on PC. Of course, the lion's share of PC sales will be digital (Chart-Track's data does not include download sales).
Pretty good, I just bought my copy yesterday. PC games have a habit of selling for years with the sales so who knows where the figures will end up.

legopig: Wow didn't mean to upset the fanboys.
Three respectful replies does not a fanboy make.
That's how it starts :) Nipped in the bud though.
popperik: 4M doesn't seem like a lot after all that hype, does it?
I wonder about that.
By now I have heard a lot of people say: "W3 is one of the most hyped games." "Is W3 over-hyped?" "W3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2015" and so on...
Personally though, I haven't met many people who really were hyped and I always expected W3 to never be a mainstream title.
What I believe is that we were lied to by everyone saying there is so much hype for the game. (That is, if they meant hype comparable to truly mainstream titles.)
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CharlesGrey: Cool story bro. Not really related to Witcher 3 and its commercial success, but still, highly fascinating!

In other news, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and The Sims, most likely outsold them both... Whatever that means!

Also, this just in: Sales of sliced bread are at an all-time high!
I don't know what's legopig's problem. He calls us fanboys and keeps talking about how Fallout games will sell more copies although it has nothing to do with the Witcher 3 and no one even mentioned Fallout games, compared them to Witcher games or claimed that they would sell not as well. - That's a fanboy for you.
By the way, this isn't the only thread where he's trolling. :)
Wishbone: I wonder if all the NVidia codes aren't included in that "sales" figure. Kind of like how Wii Sports is the "best selling video game of all time".

It's certainly still impressive, but companies like to boast about such figures without saying exactly how they arrived at them.
While the latter is true all too often, Wii Sports was not bundled with the Wii in Japan and was still one of the highest selling games, if not the highest selling game, in that territory.

And even if you don't consider the Nvidia bundle as a sale (whether those numbers are included in this or not), I can't imagine that most of those 4m sales could be attributed to people buying new GPUs. I'm not even sure 25% could be. I would bet the bulk of the sales are to consoles, unfortunate as that may be, and they didn't get a free copy of Witcher 3 for buying a new GPU. I would speculate 5%-10% tops could be attributed to the Nvidia bundle.

Hackworthy.900: Yeah that's why you buy a Bethesda game 2 years after release when it's about 49% finished.
Yep. When all the DLC is packed into a GOTY version and mods aplenty round out the remaining 51% of the game.

Woe to the console buyer of Bethesda games, though. I pity them.

popperik: 4M doesn't seem like a lot after all that hype, does it?
For a niche game/franchise in a niche genre? Hell yes that's a lot.

Do you know how many copies of Final Fantasy 13 have sold? About 7 million. And bear in mind that game has been on sale for... what 6 years now? And that's from a very well known franchise.

Even Fallout 3 only has about 10 million sales after 7 years, although that doesn't yet account for the huge spike it got from the FO4 announcement.

Skyrim is an anomaly in that there have been about 25 million sold to date, but even Skyrim didn't have 4 million sales in it's first two weeks. Not saying Witcher 3 will hit 25 million sales over the next 4 years (would be awesome if it did), but it's still a damn fine achievement to have this many sales already. There's still a good 3 months of hype driven sales ahead, and then word of mouth picks up the long tail.
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darkwolf777: even Skyrim didn't have 4 million sales in it's first two weeks.
Indeed. It did so in 2 days. :P
first 2 weeks that is pretty good now they still got all this year and holidays to make even more so lets see how big that number can grow from 4 to _
4 million copies is spectacular, actually. This is a next gen game. I can't imagine too many people owning a next gen rig... And considering that many people wait for bargain sales because they cannot spend a large sum. And considering that many people dislike preordering models or buying games at day 1.

Actually, it is doing pretty well. Considering the multitude of bugs... The "no free game guide" this time round and MONETIZING it instead... The absence of storage chest (inkeepers in 1, chestbox in 2)... The abysmal inventory... Grrr, considering they also fixed the nice exploits!!! Et cetera.
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yyahoo: Square Enix would probably call that a disappointment... ;)
100% agreed!