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All I can tell you is, that at my old job, every single executive had a thinkpad.

Except for the sales people, they got hp.

As sturdy as they were, some still managed to break screens and pull out keys.
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My W500 came yesterday, and in excellent shape. Got a new hard drive in it and did a fresh Debian Jessie install. So far the games I tested do run noticeably smoother. (especially Terraria, everything seems to load faster and framerate is better) Overall I'm happy with it so far. Don't think the video card is quite powerful enough to run Wasteland 2, but meh, it's too expensive for my game budget and too big a download for my internet anyway. (so off the wishlist it goes... for now)

Off topic: probably won't post any more updates here as I intend to take another break from the forums. (not disclosing the reasons btw)
I have one X200 (running Crunchbang for now, still pondering what to replace it with due to Jessie's systemd and #! discontinuation), and two X200s (running OpenBSD and FreeBSD). Not playing at the moment, but will get to it once I've finished my system. The X200 should handle the older Paradox games/RPGs/city builders, hopefully :)