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ScotchMonkey: We'll see remakes of remakes in the span of 6 years.

Just look at Superman and Fantastic four, not to to mention Spiderman.

Not a shred of originality or soul. Perfect feed for the dull.
Maighstir: Those are from comic books though, and are practically intended to be rebooted every so often.
But rebooting a reboot in the same decade? Thats just too much.

Also, Carpenter films would suck as remakes. The Thing anyone? I mean we already know what happens so why bother? I know it was a prequel but come on.

Lo Pan would roll in his grave if he had one.
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I'm pretty sure this will at least be entertaining. That said it may be my least favorite of the John Carpenter movies I've seen (aside from the music, but music in John Carpenter films is always great).
That sounds.. eh.. not great.
Is he going to be playing Wang Chi?
I don't really mind them doing a remake, but you should really only do that if you can improve on the original.
So far, I don't really think I've seen a current remake that was as good or better than the original.
aluinie: Another great film about to be ruined. Why cant they leave films alone nobody asked for this or a remake of robocop.
Nobody did, and yet I found myself enjoying the remake more than the original that I always found overrated.

I understand the whole "it's nothing but remakes, give us something new" point of view. I really do. I'm always happy to see some new, fully original movie, and the prequel/sequel/remake mania has gotten out of hand. However, it did also result in some very, very good movies. We wouldn't have Nolan's Batman trilogy otherwise, or Man of Steel, or this years Mad Max: Fury Road.

ScotchMonkey: Also, Carpenter films would suck as remakes. The Thing anyone? I mean we already know what happens so why bother? I know it was a prequel but come on.
Keep in mind Carpenter's The Thing WAS A REMAKE.

I absolutely get how it feels to hear that a movie you love is getting a remake, but it's always good to keep an open mind, at least untill some details emerge, a trailer, something to show where they are going with this.
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BTILC was indeed "a bit" odd action movie, but I loved it regardless. Not quite as much as The Last Dragon, though.

The remake really makes me wonder... Gee, maybe a "The Last Dragon" remake next? Maybe The Rock could be Leroy Green? Or Shonuff? Or both?

EDIT: Sorry, it seems the role of Shonuff is already reserved for Samuel L. Jackson:

Ps. I kinda liked the second "remake" of The Thing (it was actually a prequel, not a remake).
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Telika: Have you, like, noticed that the very self-praising supposed hero spends 85% of the movie not understanding one bit about what's going on around him, caring about his truck only, knocking himself out of the fights that his 'sidekick' wins for him, and the remaining 15% running around with lipstick on his face ?

Because it could be a hint.

It's all that. It's some sort of "cool" cheesy orientalist adventure, with the "what if" the hero was a completely out of place, clueless, oblivious, self-loving, failed american action hero. Makes a very in-between (and likeable) movie, both deliberately and accidentally cheesy. With an amusingly subverted hero, who's still the good guy, but amusingly out of his depth and never frankly aknowledging it. All the typical action movie stuff seems to happen in his background...

Also Lo-Pan rulez.
RWarehall: You left out talking about himself in the third-person...
I gave up trying to explain the genius of Big Trouble to people. You either get it or you don't. Carpenter managed to take several out of date genres, throw in some crazy set pieces and humor, and let the kung fu fly. Big Trouble in Little China mocks every single movie concept it can get its hands on, then roundhouse kicks it into a giant ball of awesome covered in green flames... green flames! I mean all hell was breaking loose there.

And another thing. According to Carpenter and others who worked on the film, the story goes that the original script was set in the old west, and instead of looking for his truck, Jack Burton had his horse stolen by the wing kong... who was gonna be a front gang working on the railroads working for Lo Pan. The whole thing was going to be a western martial arts movie. The budget and studio didn't cover for a big period piece film, so they brought in W.D. Richter to modernize it and polish it up. Point being, it was an accident! A happy little accident. Hollywood won't and can't understand the miracle of accidents. Everything has to go by the book. It's all about the numbers, and since Big Trouble in Little China failed to make a big return at the box office, I can safely question Hollywood's business sense as well as its creative sense.

But yeah, remaking a movie that already failed to draw a dime in its own time is a really stupid fucking idea. Please Hollywood, let me keep my poorly performing B movies to enjoy in peace! Is nothing sacred? What's next, a Michael Bay 200 million dollar remake of Manos Hands of Fate?

Now I am confused: was there really a "The Last Dragon" remake in the making? Just never came out, or still in the making? I found several hits googling "the last dragon remake", they couldn't all be pranks?

Maybe this has been discussed here before, I've just blocked it from my memory. says nothing as far as I can tell.
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Hollywood should burn in a giant, apocalyptic fire asap.
i like the rock but he is no Kurt Russell

if they do a remake, the mortal kombat guys can sue the producers of the movie for using 3 raidens, or the other way around i dont know which one was first
Remake, hah! Have they learnt nothing from Fury Road?

...I'd rather see part 2 with Kurt Russell AND Kim Catrall. ;)
I think it may have been all down hill after The Tooth Fairy...
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ScotchMonkey: We'll see remakes of remakes in the span of 6 years.

Just look at Superman and Fantastic four, not to to mention Spiderman.

Not a shred of originality or soul. Perfect feed for the dull.
well lets be honest here superman returns look gorgeous but was boring
nothing really happen
superman returns we find out he is a super deadbeat dad he rescues a plane gets shanked lifts a tectonic plate in to space and then crashes to earth and thats 155 minutes

the two FF movies were bloody awfull and not in a so bad they are good but so bad i want to devour my own eyeballs way

the spiderman reboot was utter bollocks though especially the way the origin was crammed in there
spiderman 1 was by that time just 10 years old and its still clogging up the dvd aisles
i doubt the average movie punter doesnt know who spiderman is so that whole rebooted origin thing was superfluous at best
damaging the movie at wors
cw8: Wow, that sucks. I loved Big Trouble in Little China. Please don't ever touch Goonies. I'll kill them!

BTTF aged really well though. Except for their predictions on how 2015 should look like, everything's aged pretty well.
i dont know
some of their predictions for 2015 are pretty close to the mark
voice control
computers every where
3D ( fad )
flat screens
hundreds of channels to choose from

course the really big things everybody wants hoverboards flying cars self drying and adjusting clothes and self lacing boots arent going to happen quite yet

but they were still eerily on the mark with some things
not as much as 2001 but thats a whole different movie
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Breja: Maybe I would "get it" if I was into martial arts films, which I avoid like the plague.
To quote the great Lo Pan himself
You were not brought upon this world to "get it"!
; )

The Rock / Johnson is okay. Maybe I haven't seen enough of his films but I have a tough time imagining him pulling off the Jack Burton character as Kurt Russell portrayed him in the brothel scene.