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Less dying, more journeying.

<span class="bold">The Long Journey Home</span>, a thrilling space exploration adventure of a mismatched crew, recently received an important update which adds the significantly more forgiving Story Mode.

Were your space-holiday plans soured by rumors of frequent deaths and procedurally generated agony that fellow astronauts were experiencing? Worry not! In space, no one can hear you sigh in exasperation, but developers Daedalic Entertainment did listen to the complaints loud and clear - this update is their response.

The Story Mode offers a much more friendly experience, allowing you to focus on exploration instead of survival. Resources are more valuable and effective, more planets feature Earth-like conditions, the Lander is more resilient and fuel-effective, plus there are less galactic weather hazards and dangers that could cut your journey short.

The Adventure Mode (previously named Explorer Mode) is still the recommended way of experiencing The Long Journey Home but no matter what you choose, the game has received some overall quality of life improvements which make the journey smoother for everyone.
Sounds good, will probably be useful to me should I ever get this game!
That sounds inviting.
Now to wait for a better computer.

Game and PC are wishlisted.
Love the fact that they are some of the few indies of late that value giving their supporters choices! (I detest this anti-keyboard rebind and mandatory permadeath trend that has infected the indie scene!)

I have already wishlisted this, I would have picked it up already but I already ravaged my budget during this sale! Maybe next month!
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Nice addition. Freedom to choose is always a good thing.
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Good. That's how it should be. Giving your players options is never a bad thing. Especially when it comes to adjusting difficulty.
much better, now more inclined to give this a go
OdanUrr: Nice addition. Freedom to choose is always a good thing.
This. Whenever in doubt between a more casual or a more brutal experience, make it a player choice. Different people like to play and experience games different ways. Very nice addition!
Several news topics lately show "DIFF.AGO.DAY" for me, instead of their actual age.
Might be something to look into, :)

Re: game, I read an interview with the developers in a German games magazine a few months ago, and those guys have got their priorities straight! Completely removed from my usual genres, but looks and sounds so nice that I feel like maybe getting it anyway.
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Certainly like this idea (as other people seem to do as well). I often play games because they tell a story, and constant deaths and reloads/restarts quickly distract me from the story. Those who want a tough challenge, please go ahead and play the adventure mode, but for me, this certainly made me put it on the wishlist (to buy, when I have managed to get through the pile of games still waiting for my time).