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Congrats to all winners!!

Thank you very much Doc for, once again, your never ending generosity.

And also a big thanks to all who shared their favourite shows. It was awesome remembering so many great programmes.
blotunga: Seems like lady luck shined on you!
Thank you blotunga for considering me a trustworthy member of Gog's community. Also, thanks to each of the previous links in the chain for showing that the trust placed on you was deserved.

I redeemed Surviving Mars - First Colony Edition and now the only code available is
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Digital Deluxe Edition

And I will select theslitherydeee as the next winner.

Congratulations! You have been selected to receive the code for the last game and complete the chain.
Thanks Doc for spreading happiness in this community and help create trust among its members.
high rated
bulbula: i missed this chance :(
You missed it from the start. Your post could have been placed before the first code was redeemed and it wouldn't change a thing.
This is apparently the first time you post in this forum. How do you expect other users would select you as a trustworthy person over any of the many users they have known for a while and might even have talked to many times in the past?

If you wanna have an actual chance in future giveaways in the same format be a part of the community. Stay around, exchange ideas in the threads regarding many subjects, show people you have opinions (but always with respect). Talk about games you played in the past or hope to get to play in the future. Buy a few games and review them. Maybe even give a few away yourself if you get the chance and the income. And I hope you will participate in more than just giveaway threads because it's not like anyone will be deemed "trusty" just by getting stuff from others.
Otherwise you'll be just eligible and nothing else.
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The final game has been redeemed.

Congratulations to the winners. It was an honor to be a part of the chain of trust for this giveaway.

Thank you Doc for all you do to bring cheer to the people of this community.
Congratulations to all the trusty winners, and a huge thanks to Doc0075 for this giveaway !  :-)
Congratulations to all the winner from the first and second giveaway.
And thank you Doc0075 for bringing us many Christmas days throughout the year.
Congrats to all winners!! 
Thank you very much Dlc for both trustworthy giveaways. Your generosity is enormous.
Thank you once more, Doc. Congrats to the winners!
Congrats to all other winners, thanks to all participants sharing their favorite TV show, and thanks a ton to Doc0075 for the enormous generosity of hosting this giveaway. I've already started playing AMID EVIL and I'm having fun, so, a huge thank you again! :)
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Congrats to the winners and thanks for the chance Doc.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the chance Doc.
Grat for winners. I like the random type more thou :)
Congrats to all winners.

Thank you Doc0075 for giveaway.
Congrats peeps!!
Thank you once again, Doc. And also thanks to all the winners proving we can still trust each other and all participants sharing shows and maybe even little personal stories.