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All you need is your scarf, mittens, and gleaming monocle.

<span class="bold">The Curious Expedition</span>, the addictive roguelike about 19th century explorers getting into all sorts of trouble while looting uncharted lands, has received a FREE update that's about to lower the temperature and raise your spirits!

Put on your coats, globetrotters! The Arctic Expanse update is here, taking us to a whole new region and introducing many improvements and additions to the overall experience.
In it, you'll find:

- Arctic regions with new quests and events.
- More characters and enemies.
- New perks, valuable items, and ways for your expedition to go horribly wrong.

This update also ventures to fine-tune the balancing, improve the interface and UI, and make some other cool little tweaks here and there.
So, just put on your warmest smile and go break the ice with the natives!
Extra content is always nice.
Nice, still on the wishlist though.
Nice, thanks to the devs!
Today i was going to open a "Great News" thread about it, since i didn't saw one yesterday when i received the notification for the update. This content update actually was the theme of the poll in the official wiki. So, great news & happy to see that the devs are still working on it and delivering fresh content. Thank you Riad and Johannes. :)
Cool game, a bit thin on content, this is just what it needs.
That's how it's done! Kudos to Maschinen-Mensch for a free content update!
A shining example :)
Thank you for the free update.
no price increase for the base game? why do they call it a free upgrade then?

to be serious, if they added goals other than golden pyramids, it may be worth trying. looking for the same pyramid all over the world seemed so uninspiring.
Awesome! I was wishing there was more to the game as it's a fun one and it felt like it could use more places to explore/things to do. I'm not a huge fan of the pathing line being changed to a pulsing purple, but that's really minor.

Edit: I just did a couple expeditions, one of which was an arctic one which was really cool and has intriguing things going on in it that I need to explore further; thank you Maschinen-Mensch for this great update!

(The new eating and drinking sounds make me want to claw my ears out though, I have to figure out how to disable them)
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Thank you to the wonderful devs as Maschinen-Mensch. I utterly adore this game. I bought it when it was in-dev on here pretty much on hte day it was released here on GoG and have been hooked ever since.

Looking forward to playing this expansion.

When I read one of the above threads, I thought "yes it would indeed be good if there are different quests and not just the golden pyramid". Well, maybe Arctic has this, I don't know but I'm about to find out :)
Cool! I'll definitely buy this game in the near future. It looks interesting.