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Since the new GOG look started I have shut down my pc several times (bedtime), run a CC Cleaner routine, and just rebooted following a Windows update (Win7).

During all that time, even when logged out of GOG, the front page (and only the front page) shows which games I have wishlisted or in my library, as if I was logged in. If I open the store page it doesn't show this nor if I find them through the store page (RPG, On sale, etc). Only the front page...while logged out. Even after CC Clean, power downs etc.

I'm not overly concerned by it, but I do wonder why. Any ideas? Is anybody else experiencing this?

Using Chrome on Win7.

For reference the games are Divinity OS2 wishlisted (in the four game bar just below the big splash game at the top of the front page), Master of Orion In Library on the sale block of games, Div Sin 2 again in the "Discover Games" stack to the left, Moo again and HoMM3 also in this stack.

I would ave thought logging in and out (several times) and a CC clean would have sorted this but not so.
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Browser cache ? Did you reload the page ? (F5)
It could be some cache issue like Pouyou-pouyou mentioned, try using Ctrl+F5 to ignore whatever is cached (whether or not you cleared the cache as well) instead of just F5.

In case any cookies or the like were left behind, you could look at what shows in chrome://settings/siteData and remove that.
Websites have another way of storing information locally, not just cookies:

GOG has used this method before the recent redesign. I was a bit scared when I discovered that this information was not removed when I closed my browser (Firefox) even though I had all history cleaning options enabled.
Same here using Win7 and Firefox updated.

But it was different a few days ago, the last time i logged in i did not see any "wishlisted" or "in library" and now i see (only on the front page, as the OP)

It's indeed scary, but it's more scary because it never happened to me and i finally updated Firefox to actual version when the anniversary sale because site was giving me a lot of problems (i mean, i have logged in a few times since then and was not happening to me)

I will have to completely clean browser cache for GOG from now on but i wonder if this is "working as intended" or something more they have broken. Also, i don't see how being logged out and seeing "in my library" is useful for me at all (or fof GOG) It's just scary and serves no purpouse but to worry about security of the new site.

I really don't want to load the site in my browser and see that personal info when i am not logged in :P

Edit: ok, i think something was broken for GOG last time i logged in because now i have just logged out without touching the cache or the cookies and it's all gone. No more "whishlisted" or "in library" so i assume log out process did something strange that last time and didn't close my session correctly (...?) I suppose they are still doing changes to the new site. Anyway, it's all ok for me now.

Edit2: lol nope, forget what i said. Now it's happening again. Sometimes closes correctly and personal info is gone and sometimes that info remains on the front page... This is not working as intented at all, this is a site's bug or a problem between GOG and last Firefox version.
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