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HereForTheBeer: Old Man Winter took a Viagra last night and got it on with Mother Nature. Really wish he'd wear a condom.
Ahh so that's where we put that extra snow :D
Gonna join you guys bitching right here. We have just split with my gf/fiancee. Feels shit. It doesn't even get any better as you grow older, always same dumb pain. We spent 2 years together and were planning to marry. But to be honest with you and myself, it was basically my fault that it did not work out. Feel so bad, that I do not know whether I'm gonna get any sleep tonight.
Emob78: Well you had two options, either be miserable and broke in a relationship, or single and miserable with a pocket full of cash. I think you made the right decision. In terms of cost/benefit analysis, it was the only sane call to make.
You worded it so nice that it almost felt like a nobrainer :D
bad_fur_day1: ...
Deleting your post and giving you first and last warning before ban hammer drops.
tinyE: Thanks, but all the credit should go to my tech guys.
DubConqueror: That computer is definitely made to run the game Paws

BTW: I'm seeing the price of the game in dollars. GOG still hasn't fixed the wrong currency bug. That's my bitching for today.
Have you tried contacting Support with your issue?

KingTLS: Had another polish lesson.

tu and tutaj

What is the difference(both mean 'here')
I would say there is no difference between them :)