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With 11 classics, including Sid Meier's Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, and X-COM

2K, home to a boatload of our retro favorites, is here on – and we've got eleven of the most enduring classics bundled up at 66-75% off (or 50% off individually) to kick off the catalog.

What's in store?
<span class="bold">Railroad Tycoon Bundle</span> (-66%) — featuring Sid Meier's Railroads and RailRoad Tycoon 2+3 – also available 50% off individually.
<span class="bold">X-COM Classic Bundle</span> (-75%) — featuring the incomparable X-COM: UFO Defense, Terror from the Deep, Apocalypse, Interceptor, and Enforcer. 50% off individually, too.
<span class="bold">Freedom Force Pack</span> (-66%) — including the original Freedom Force & Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. But you can get each one at… 50% off!
<span class="bold">Sid Meier's Pirates!</span> (-50%) — the remake that turned the gem into a much shinier gem.

Ruthless strategic warfare? Check. Weirdo superheroes? You bet. Hilarious dancing sequences? Naturally. And once again, the satisfaction of checking off a couple dozen thousand of your wishlist votes for some seriously good old games. So join us on the choo-choo train through battlefields riddled with alien corpses and swashbuckling superheroes – because we're taking on 2K!

The discounts on the 2K titles will last until April 5, 13:59 BST / 5:59 AM PDT / 8:59 AM EDT.
Nice to see these 2K titles on GOG. Alas, I am broke.

* starts scrounging around the couch cushions, looking for change *
Awesome, great to see 2K finally arrive, and looking forward to more releases! Thank you 2K and GOG!
Dalthnock: GTA?
That is onwed by Rockstar and not Take Two :)
Post edited March 29, 2016 by Matruchus
Yessssssssssssss. FINALLY.

Alas, I'm broke right now. I might be able to sneak some in early next week if only to encourage more to come from them. Even though I own every game in the list already on disc format except a couple of the X-Coms.
Awesome, already have the XCom games, but the Tycoon games were an insta-buy.
Thinking about getting Pirates as well.
Holy shit! Now give me Bioshock next week. :)
Matruchus: It was very possible that you could loose the game on the first battle map :)
Story of my life! :D


I have a question though. It states that :

"2K, home to a boatload of our retro favorites, is here on – and we've got eleven of the most enduring classics bundled up at 75% off (or 50% off individually) to kick off the catalog."

but i can't buy the rest of the games for -75%. Only the XCOM games... ANy clues?
JonahFalcon: Feh. I prefer Railroad Tycoon Deluxe. Those other Railroad titles stink.
Already free (DosBoxed) on the 2K websites. Hopefully GOG'll have a bundle like it a la what they did for the oldest Elder Scrolls games.
Very cool! 2K is finally here! :)

So how is that Railroad Tycoon series? Is it like OpenTTD or Locomotion?
Excellent. Hope this bodes well for more releases from the more recent catalogue. Not that I wont open my wallet (paypal) for this one.
The new XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within and XCOM 2?
looking good 2K
Dalthnock: GTA?
Matruchus: That is onwed by Rockstar and not Take Two :)
Rockstar is owned by Take 2...