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With 11 classics, including Sid Meier's Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, and X-COM

2K, home to a boatload of our retro favorites, is here on – and we've got eleven of the most enduring classics bundled up at 66-75% off (or 50% off individually) to kick off the catalog.

What's in store?
<span class="bold">Railroad Tycoon Bundle</span> (-66%) — featuring Sid Meier's Railroads and RailRoad Tycoon 2+3 – also available 50% off individually.
<span class="bold">X-COM Classic Bundle</span> (-75%) — featuring the incomparable X-COM: UFO Defense, Terror from the Deep, Apocalypse, Interceptor, and Enforcer. 50% off individually, too.
<span class="bold">Freedom Force Pack</span> (-66%) — including the original Freedom Force & Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. But you can get each one at… 50% off!
<span class="bold">Sid Meier's Pirates!</span> (-50%) — the remake that turned the gem into a much shinier gem.

Ruthless strategic warfare? Check. Weirdo superheroes? You bet. Hilarious dancing sequences? Naturally. And once again, the satisfaction of checking off a couple dozen thousand of your wishlist votes for some seriously good old games. So join us on the choo-choo train through battlefields riddled with alien corpses and swashbuckling superheroes – because we're taking on 2K!

The discounts on the 2K titles will last until April 5, 13:59 BST / 5:59 AM PDT / 8:59 AM EDT.
And Transport Tycoon?
Nice addition to GOG and I definitely love these games, however I'm not about to go crazy buying them. I know I could simply extract them in Linux and play under a native DosBox build and I'm far from lazy to do that, I just don't like this Windows only attitude when a viable Mac/Linux is available. But if 2K thinks this isn't worth the money then it's their loss, and I doubt GOG is going to give out any details about why these are missing.

2K has started supporting Linux in many of their modern games, I just hope they'll at least provide those.
mkell_226: This is a nice surprise. Now go bring us Oni!
Afaik Oni is made by Bungee which were bought by Microsoft which did it only for Halo and abandoned Oni completely.

It's a shame since Oni is far superior to Halo imho.
Dammit Judas, now I have to eat this again just like when Bethesda came to gog. :P

Welcome to gog 2K. :)
Painted_Doll: hmm

Let me guess :

upcoming on Thursday : Civilization series , BioShock series
Yes, specifically the first two Civilization games as not even Steam has those assuming there's no rights issues with them.
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Welcome 2K! Pretty much last of the big publishers to arrive on these shores. But certainly not the least.
Tarm: Your first post showed. If you can't see it you probably have the Next Page forum bug. Wait it out.

Edit: What a brainfart... He most probably can't see my post until the bug "clears". Blurgo!
ikrananka: You're right, I couldn't see my post and assumed I must have hit the cancel button by mistake. And then when I came back to see your reply I could suddenly see my original post (which I have now erased to avoid duplication). Seem to be a lot of bugs in this forum!!!
The bug is that the forum "forgets" to create a new page when the first post on that new page is posted.

The forum code is like a truck built on scrap yard parts. :P
Matruchus: That is onwed by Rockstar and not Take Two :)
yyahoo: Rockstar is owned by Take 2...
Yes, but the deal is with 2K, so far as I know...

They're owned by the same parent company, but like Activision doesn't mean Blizzard, 2K doesn't mean Rockstar...
LeonKillsAshley: Thanks GOG and 2K for the awesome new releases. Already bought the X-COM bundle, but I will have to wait to get the remainder. Hopefully we get plenty more titles from the 2K catalogue.
Ixamyakxim: Okay I have to ask - is your forum name a huge spoiler for a game (when I hear Leon my mind goes to Resident Evil, though I could be wrong).
Not at all. It's just an inside joke I had with my friends back in high school. It's essentially a reference to how we all hated Ashley in Resi 4.
yyahoo: Rockstar is owned by Take 2...
Tallin: Yes, but the deal is with 2K, so far as I know...

They're owned by the same parent company, but like Activision doesn't mean Blizzard, 2K doesn't mean Rockstar...
I sincerely doubt that GOG made a deal directly with a subsidiary instead of with the parent company, but no one outside of the two entities knows specifically how the deal is structured and which games are available and which aren't. Same with the Activision deal. Just because we haven't gotten any Blizzard games doesn't necessarily mean that GOG needs a deal specifically with Blizzard. It could simply mean that Activision doesn't want to release any Blizzard games on GOG. It's all speculation...
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CivCity Rome?
I like a lot this game.
Welcome on board, 2K! :-)
Will we see the Civ series in the near future?
Adding the original RRT to GOG would also be nice. Plenty of peeps wanting to play it on a Windows 10 PC.
Navagon: Welcome 2K! Pretty much last of the big publishers to arrive on these shores. But certainly not the least.
I think we will get Sony and Sega eventually, and with all those "impossible to bring on GOG" publishers, I hope Microsoft is not an impossible task.
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If I buy one game from one of the bundles now and the rest of the bundle later, will I get the full discount for the games then?