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I just downloaded and installed SWAT 3 GOTY, but I experienced a launch error whenever I tried to start it.

The error message is "DirectX error DDERR_Generic".

I do not know what it means; could it be something to do with my version of DirectX (e.g. it is not the latest version)?

I would appreciate any help in getting this resolved.

Thank you.
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This thread can supposedly help fix your issue.
Zchinque: This thread can supposedly help fix your issue.
Hi, I got SWAT3 GOTY started, but the game is very laggy and has a very slow framerate.

I tried to adjust the game settings/ options by reducing its details, but I'm unable to.

What other ways can I boost the low framerate?
Ok, this is really ticking me off, when I got this game, same error I tried Xvid I have tried installing SWAT 3 in a different directory, i've tried running it in compatibility mode WIndows XP SP2 I have tried running it in 680x480 I have tried EVERY SINGLE FIX I COULD FIND! And nothing. I know this is an old thread but it's annyoing. If someone could help me with this. My Comp. specs are:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
GeForce 6150SE nFroce 430
AMD Athlon(tm) II x2 250 Processor ( Two CPUs ) ~3.0GHz
DX Version 11
I really hope someone will save me from this inconvience, please.
If you check the posts in the game forum, which is here: ...

You will find that the very first one most likely addresses your issues.