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Embrace it. You know you want to.

While you were trapped in another fever dream, Sundered got updated to Eldritch Edition, absolutely for free!

This is the definitive edition of the lovecraftian metroidvania, which includes every update so far plus the all-new Magnate of the Gong.

Gaze upon the thing it brings but only for a moment or you'll risk turning mad::

• Local co-op for up to 4 players!
• New areas and quest chain: Unlock rewards and the path to a brand new boss!
• Several smaller features and improvements.
In the forum you belong...*pop*
But still no Achievements even though the Steam version does have Achievements?
I too would like to see the achievements implemented on the occasion of this final edition.
I wish this game had recieved a "shortened game"-feature, too much senseless grind of random-generated stuff.
Oh, and the soundtrack of both this one as well as Jotun is still missing from the store. ThunderLotus, please offer it on here as well!
Wow, all comments are just complains.

Thank you Thunder Lotus Games for this free definitive edition update.
Many developers would just release it as a seperate version.
Also thank you for releasing this on GOG, I love owning the games
instead of just "renting" them through Steam.