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What do you think?

For those who are unaware, they are selling Visual Novels (18+ is also amongst their selection, but don't get the wrong idea). And for those, who don't know what visual novel is - animated book with minimal interaction in dialogues.
GOG hates visual novels (and nobody knows why).

Quoting "Tokyo Dark" dev:
For those of you who opted for a non-Steam version unfortunately we heard some disappointing news that the platform we had hoped to release on feels that Tokyo Dark has too much in common with Japanese visual novels (well it is a visual novel / adventure game hybrid) and as such does not suit their current store policy of no VNs.
Not going to happen so better get used to buy directly from them (for now).
Just wishing to get those R-18 releases here from GOG are way too far fetched & off the chart.

You're not the first one to ask this question.

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Frozen: GOG hates visual novels (and nobody knows why).
Because having something that sucks so much on their servers would result in all of GOG collapsing and becoming an Einstein-Rosen bridge to an alternate universe where Crappy New Games store is leading the pro-DRM revolution and RPGs don't exist, so DVDProject's bestselling title is an FMV porn game Watch Her.