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Stardrop is a gorgous atmospheric adventure game that succeeded it's Kickstarter funding, and is due to be released soon.

"In STARDROP you'll be able to experience what it's like to be a Salvage and Rescue Operative. Explore old derelict spaceships in the main game while being able to visit a range of other various locations across the universe through a number of side missions.

During the game, Aryn and John set out on a routine salvage operation of an unknown spacecraft reported to be somewhere in the Cassiopeia constellation.

As they embark on their mission they are about to find out that there's a lot more to this ship then they could ever suspect. Aryn sets out on a journey to unravel the mystery about its identity yet she is about to discover something far more amazing than she could ever hope for.

The game spans across three space ships and will take roughly 6 to 8 hours to complete (Not counting the additional side missions). You will meet a small cast of varying yet interesting characters and a tight narrative building up to a touching conclusion.

- A strong rich story breaking from the usual dark Sci-Fi .
- Explore multiple spacecraft, Outposts, Stations and more as a salvage and rescue operative.
- Professional voice acting to drive an intimate story full of mysteries and excitement.
- A narrative driven gaming experience.
- Broad range of immersive puzzles and secrets.
- Open world based exploration mixed with narrative driven gameplay.
- Inspired by story-rich classics such as Portal, Firewatch and even Alien: Isolation."

The game is DRM-free, and the developer - Joure Visser - seems to be interested in having the game on GOG.
However, GOG have declined him, which I find really sad.

I started an entry in the GOG Wishlist, in the hope that GOG will see sense, and add this lovely game.
Please add your vote, if you would like to see it on GOG as well. ( :
Something really wonky is going on with that spacesuit. It has a nice big faceplate that would suggest decent visibility from within, but when it goes to first-person view it's very strangely quite limited vertically.
spacesuit.png (244 Kb)