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VERY impressive stuff.
Really hope Squadron 42 will make its way onto GoG eventually.

Could use some more votes too:
tomimt: You know, as far I've understood, even the singleplayer game is tied to the multiplayer in the way of, that what you do in it will have bearing on how you start the multiplayer.
Or they could just leave it to the player whether they want to carry stuff over from Squadron 42 with a simple opt-in/opt-out kind of toggle. By the time Squadron 42 releases it might even come out on that generation of consoles, so it'd be in RSI's best interest to make it truly separate from the MMO portion which, for obvious reasons most definitely will not release on consoles.

tomimt: And besides, I don't see them selling the game on any other platform besides their own.
The MMO part, sure, no doubt about that.
Squadron 42 on the other hand - we'll see.
I'd consider Roberts someone who wouldn't be ignorant to the fact that there's a lot of people who don't give a toss about Star Citizen the MMO but would absolutely be down for a Wing Commander-like singleplayer flight-sim experience. And where better to offer a Wing Commander-like singleplayer flight-sim than on store fronts that sell Wing Commander. Everybody wins.