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That was fast
Haha. Never even saw Shelter. Must have gone quick. Still haven't played my copy I got during the Insomnia sale. =/
Ungh... I have to go out... but I can´t!!!
Cannon Fodder - 75% off ($1.49) - 150
In some ways it still blows my mind that you can buy three fantastic games like Quest for Glory I, II, and IV (III is just decent and V is bad) for 2.50. Really like this sale.
No free games yet?
fark me, I've lost out on two transactions....crazy!!!!
any game that has taken a long time so far?
i hope the badger game is as good as it looks :)
i picked it up just in case
JMich: Feature.
sunshinecorp: Thanks. I get it, I think. It's a nice way to solve last time's "disappearing" free games!
Were you prompted to log in again before buying?
So after seeing Shelter come up once or twice I had to check out what it was - some sort of adventure game? A survival horror type?

Nope, it's a mother badger sim LOL
Capitalism 2 - 80% off ($1.99) - 150
ISC: Ungh... I have to go out... but I can´t!!!
I know that feeling. I need to make dinner... But i can't leave my battlestation :(
P1na: any game that has taken a long time so far?
The Critter Chronicles took a while considering there were only 200 copies of those.
Missed Shelter whlst paying for Bard's Tale! Man, that was fast! How am l meant to drive home from work now?
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