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Telltale Games' contribution to the adventure gaming genre is nothing to scoff at – from classics like Sam & Max and The Walking Dead, through The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale's unique take on beloved stories and universes continues to delight – sometimes it makes us laugh, sometimes it makes us cry.

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ShaunRoberts: You know you don't HAVE to use galaxy right? It's also not as evil as EVERYONE seems to be saying it is, with all these new buggy games it helps getting it patched automatically, down here in SA the internet is crap so i dont want to redownload a 10gig game just because they fixed a gamebreaking bug.

Also unlike steam or origin galaxy is not mandatory (unless you want to do multiplayer on some games cause they have poorly programmed netcodes :P)

Like im spending $80 to finish the collection, I already own the three i want (monkey island, walking dead s1, and wolf among us)

I'll get the others gradually as the need arises but i cant afford your licenced stuff guys.

90% of stuff on gog is reasonably priced but the TT stuff have always been at a premium, I mean the interplay stuff only JUST went UP in price cause thy threatened to take those things off gog(a rumour i heard but i've yet to confirm)
Gwent comes to mind.
PromZA: Gwent comes to mind.
Eeeeeh. *shrug* I don't give a damn about Gwent to be honest. But yes it needs galaxy because they want to consolidate the multiplayer and matchmaking(that I assume it has) not saying I like games like avp having multiplayer stuck in galaxy, just don't like people blowing stuff out of proportion. Gog will die the day they go full drm. But some games require some drm to function as intended. And others (looking at you aow3) that is the designers fault.
Post edited August 07, 2017 by ShaunRoberts