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Hang on tight and get ready for an adventure! Here is a Special Sale featuring selected titles from Focus Home Interactive, with discounts reaching even 80%.

Exciting games like GreedFall (-60%), The Surge 2 (-70%), and Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition (-75%) are sure to bring you loads of fun, so get them while this Special Sale lasts until 21st April 2021, 1 PM UTC!
ciemnogrodzianin: ...
Thanks for keeping doing this for every sale.
high rated
Carradice: ...
At your service! ;)
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I just bought "Greedfall" because it made #2 in this list:

"10 Best Modern RPGs That Are Always IGNORED"

It was nice to notice that almost all the games in that list are available on GOG.
Alpha Protocol is not, but I own it DRM-free on