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A fine selection of deals picked by Jesse Cox, up to -90%.

Jesse is love. Jesse is life. Jesse is massive discounts on games you will love for life. To celebrate the <span class="bold">CoxCon convention</span>, which is already underway, Jesse Cox picked for us <span class="bold">a selection of GOG games</span> he enjoys playing and streaming. Time-resistant classics, modern indie darlings, madcap delights - there's something here for everyone.
Just look at some of them:

Sure, she doesn't have the sunniest disposition among college girls her age, but what Kathy Rain lacks in manners she makes up for in grit, wit, and supernatural affinity. Which are the perfect qualities, when one needs to solve a decades-old mystery involving small-town secrets and sinister forces.

Why go on a predetermined journey, when you can build your own? Book your one-way ticket to Terraria and lose yourself in its sandbox exploration, fascinating encounters, bizarre constructions, and endless opportunities for adventure!

Want more? Darkest Dungeon, Hollow Knight, FTL, Dungeon Keeper 2, SUPERHOT, Oxenfree, Dragon Age: Origins and many others are also part of this special sale!

But <span class="bold">CoxCon</span> is not just about sweet deals and happy faces: Jesse's band of merry man (and women) have put together a cheeky <span class="bold">GWENT</span> tournament, as well as a Scare Games Squad Stream for you to watch. Catch the Jessiflora Tournament on Saturday, 4:30 PM UTC and stick around for some roaring scares, starting on the same day at 6:30 PM UTC.

The special <span class="bold">CoxCon Sale</span> will last until July 24, 3 PM UTC.
CoxCon? Dirty, naughty con. :-/
Did someone say cocks?
I suppose it's good there's nothing I'm interested in in this sale, because I despise that guy.
avatar Jesse is love. Jesse is life. Jesse is massive discounts on games you will love for life.
Am I supposed to understand any of this?
avatar Jesse is love. Jesse is life. Jesse is massive discounts on games you will love for life.
Breja: Am I supposed to understand any of this?
It's a poor mixture of two-way advertising and a lousy reason to have a sale xD
I enjoy Jesse Cox's content, but he has his own convention? o.O
jamyskis: Did someone say cocks?
God I love that movie.
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* checks wikipedia *
* removes The Witcher 3 from his wishlist *
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Yeah, seriously need to work on the names here. XD
I don't know who that person is, but I can heartily recommend Brothers at this price. it's a beautiful work of art.
Lovely dude ... I just don't like 99.99% of the games he plays, so I rarely watch him these days.
I used to watch him a great deal when I was into WoW and he was playing it, many years ago ...
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Who, what? Oh its just another 2% off sale, yawn.
i came for penises, and their were none. wtf gog?!
The discounts are quite nice.
Outlast 2 is a good deal for half price - I have all the other games I am interested in...
This sale is pretty great! Been a while since Terraria has been on sale here. There are also other pretty great deals.