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Catshade: South Park and Comedy Central never depend on Chinese viewers for their revenue, so of course they can freely do this.
Yes and no. Since that has happened other stuff has happened too. ESPN apologizing for tweets from player who was sympathetic to Hong Kong (and China's attempts to overtake Hong Kong), Hearthstone streamer's winnings (something like $10,000) revoked and he's banned because he had something agreeing with HK as well.

China is upping their censorship and pushing more American companies to censor or outright ban users that question their communist/dictatorship iron hand actions.

I kinda wonder what would happen, if the USA simply banned all imports from china (of course companies that are now based in China like Apple would also be banned...) for a period of 6-12 months. How far would China crumble? I'm sure we could do 6-12 months without any Chinese imports. Though some companies may feel losses when stock runs out (Amazon and Walmart).
I've watched "Band in China" episode, practically yesterday. It a bit exaggerated issues with Chineese government treatment of the population (at least I hope, that was exaggeration), but otherwise it was right on the nose about the censorship and strive for control. As well as it accurately depicted how US companies care for their integrity (that is they care very strongly... until large enough money is involved).
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