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bluethief: However, companies want people to buy the newer versions, so removing the old ones is part of the strategy.
To me, though, it'd seem like a way to net some good PR** by giving away the old version for free. But eh, what does a "mere customer" like me know when compared to the high paid game company execs and such? ;)

(**Plus some of the people who don't want/need the new versions might not buy em just to get the old ones, and some of the ones who buy the game for the new versions might not want the old versions)

bluethief: It's funny that lots of companies have different approaches to this, thought. The worst ones are those that remove the old version, don't add them as a goodie and doesn't even have a special discount for owners of the originals
And iirc some of em (oddly enough) do several of those approaches(different ones for different games).
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It's still available on Steam btw, just saying for anyone who wants to pick up the original version.
Berzerk2k2: Sure thing you should have the choice but why would you pick the worse version that runs and controls like ass over the new version that will improve these things and also adds new effects and new content on top? Makes no sense imo.
tyl0413: What if it doesn't? Maybe not in this case but let's take SiN Reloaded, i think the textures look bad on the new edition so it would be a shame if they took down the original for anyone who would prefer the older look (or whatever other reason they might have for wanting to play the older version).
By the way, the original version is still available on Steam, just in case anyone is interested.
tyl0413: I'd rather decide what to buy and play myself than blindly trust corporations to choose for me. If i wanna buy a "broken" product i should have the freedom to do so.
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