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HI all

I am getting this error while installing patch 1.04

any idea?

I have done downloading the update again , yet the same issue

Setup error:
Runtime error (at 102:41):
The source file is corrupted.
You should run the installer’s integrity check to verify which files need to be re-downloaded.

Game patch log:
Error modifying E:\Games\Serious Sam 4\Bin\x64\GameEnv_GOG_Dyn.dll
Error modifying E:\Games\Serious Sam 4\Bin\x64\Sam4.exe
Error modifying E:\Games\Serious Sam 4\Content\SeriousSam4\Config\SystemCompatibility.lua
Error modifying E:\Games\Serious Sam 4\Content\Shared\Config\PerfIndexGPU.lua
Are you installing the update through Galaxy or did you download the patch file? It updated fine for me through Galaxy, didn't try the other option.

Also, there is patch 1.05 already
Post edited November 05, 2020 by idbeholdME