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The Devil went down to Wolvesvale / He was looking for a soul to steal.

<span class="bold">Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves</span>, an action/strategy folktale about two Canadian brothers who join forces to take down the evil that's after their sister, is now permanently FREE on Go grab a mickey for the cold and let's see what this is all aboot, eh?

The tale begins in 19th century Canada, when two feuding brothers decide to work together after the Devil sets his sights on their sister. At night the forces of evil descend upon their fair village but during the day the O'Carrolls can plan and plant their traps, sharpen their weapons and develop their skills to face the terrors fully prepared. Make the O'Carroll of your choice a fearsome trapper and execute your well-laid plans with Rocket Racoon precision - before you know it, the Werewolves will be running for the hills, but not before they divulge the secret lore behind their unholy existence...

So what are you waiting for, friend? Go grab your free copy and let's chase off some hairy cowards, eh?
This is very welcome news! Thanks Petrell, Artifice Studio and GOG!
About the game suddenly going free with no official explanation. Could it be that it's being done as a publicity stunt to generate some buzz soon before they're due to make some big announcement?
I guess we'll have to wait to find out.
ZFR: Let me take the opportunity to thank you again. I was one of the giftees.
A pleasure, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Thanks for your analysis of the game, quite informative.
Thank you members of Artifice Studios, GOG and Petrell!
I don't feel ripped off in the slightest by having paid for this game.
In fact I'm glad to have made a small contribution to the livelyhood of the creators of this very challenging game, which just oozes atmosphere and dares to take risks in the design.
Game designers need to eat and drink and have fun in order to be able to make the inspiring games that we customers at GOG like to play.
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Wow, thanks for the freebie Artifice Studio (and to Petrell for the effort). :)
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I recall that game was free before on the webs, then it went with pricing, then it's free again, here comes full cycle. ;p
Thanks for this GOG and Game's Publisher! Freebies always appreciated! xD
Great atmosphere, very good music. Unusual, suggestive setting. Original. Tough decisions. You can play in different viable ways. Poses a challenge, especially if you decide not to go with Josh (do you dare not wielding an axe unless in the direst of circumstances-like handguns in Commandos?). The savegame system avoids savegames at all, in the same vein of The Last Express: if you spent your money unwisely and got cajoled, you can go back to any prior night.

Congratulations to the makers: Sang-Froid is different and good. A shame it did not reach more people before.

Then, the marketing of the game was not what it deserved: they did not explain what this game was at all.

Good game. Maybe not for all, but what game is for all?
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