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And Gotham was never safe again.
NO! Not Batman! :(
Damnit. :( This year already sucks hard. RIP
Now where will I get my Bat Shark Repellent from?

88, Good innings. From what I've read he was quite a character.
I just saw the news on Bleeding Cool. I'm really devastated by this news. West always seemd like the nicest, most fandom-positive guy you can imagine, who genuinely embraced the fans and the franchise.

I'll admit- I used to not like his Batman. The camp, the sillines. Probably because at that time I didn't like something about my nerdy hobby being actually just as goofy as most people thought all of it is. But over time I've come to appreciate both West and that Batman. And I greatly enjoyed West's later nods to his role in Beware the Grey Ghost, one of me very favourite episodes of Batman The Animated Series or in the Fearless Ferret episode of Kim Possible, which served as a brilliant parody of both the 60s Batman and the Batman Beyond series. I'm only happy to hear he apparently completed his work on the sequel to the wonderful Return of the Caped Crusader animated movie, in which his batman will face off against William Shatner as Two-Face. If that doesn't sound awesome, I don't know what does.
He's Batman. He will be back!
PaterAlf: He's Batman. He will be back!
That's not good.
I had the privilege to meet Adam West at a few Sci FI/Comic conventions ,he was never less then gracious to the fans and was great at telling stories about filming the 1966 series.
Like quite a few people, I ,back in the 80's and early 90's, hated the TV show because the silly,camp Batman it presented was the popular image of the character at a time when the much darker,serious Dark Knight intepertation domnated the comic books. But after the Dark Knight version became populaVVr with the Movies and the "Batman:TAS" TV show became popular, I gave the show..on TV reruns , another chance and came to a discovery:Goddamn, that show was drop dead funny (for at least the first two seasons,the third season pretty much sucked because Lorenzo Semple, the show's creator and head writer, left in a dispute after the Second Season, and the quality went off the cliff). The kind of campy.over the top humor the show did looks easy to do, but is actually pretty hard to do well. The same goes for West's performance:The kind of deadpan be deadly serious and keep a straight face no matter how absurb the dialogue and situations got.....looks easy but but actually requires comic skills of a high order. West had them.
RIP, Adam. Have fun in the great Batcave in the sky.
Best BATMAN ever!! All BATMEN are Beautiful
batman.jpg (76 Kb)
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I just read about it. Very sad indeed.
My favorite "mayor"... (ಥ_ಥ)

Rest in peace, Mr. West.
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Aww, he was such a cool dude.
Ralph must be devastated.
R.I.P. to the best & only Batman.
Never thought much of any of the others, Adam West was the best of them all by a long shot.
My smile is gone for today.

Very few actors can really do what Adam west has done in his later years, learning to make fun of himself, learning to take things in such a lighthearted nature, understanding a joke and going all out with it. He embraced who he was and played along with it when meeting other people regardless of what character they loved from him.
Mayor West! That's a shame. I'll miss him on Family Guy. RIP. (Adam West's best moments)
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Quick Robin, hand me down the Death-Reppellent-Bat-Spray!

... I actually wouldn't be too surprised if it turned out Adam West's version of Batman had something like that.