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evilnancyreagan: gog has a subreddit?
sure do
HunterXX: Don't add me please only you know me.
I know what you are but who am I???
Yo guys, I am not frequently online with the client, but you can add me.

Edit: Is it normal that I have to login everytime I want to add somebody?
Edit2: Ok, it was just some bug.
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I want to have a threesome with a Foglet and Ciri
posting so a friend can add me.
posting for a friend
/r/gog has just received a bit of a makeover. :)
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Posting for a friend....
evilnancyreagan: gog has a subreddit?
Gateway2006: sure do
Haha and I am the head moderator over there! If you would like to help out with the sub-reddit please feel free to message us and let us know what your skills are. :-)
Greetings! Looking for all kinds of people to play with! I'm a generally easy going guy.

P.S. I'll be your support
Hey guys, just started buying some games in GOG and I'm kind of lonely here...

Looking for some friends, thank you :)