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Use powerful weapons and spells to break through hordes of enemies and explore labyrinthine dungeons in this hectic roguelite FPS! Ziggurat 2 is now available on GOG.COM!

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Nice. Loved the first one, glad we get this one here.

Arthurian Legends when?
I truly liked the first game, even with its randomly generated nature.
Very intrigued by this sequel.
Great to see it here with the Linux version.
I liked what little I played of the first one when it was on giveaway on gog years ago, so this is good news to me. I really need to play more of the first one. Damn backlog lol.
Releae date is November 28, 2021? Oh crap, this game is from the future!

Lame joke aside, did this game release in November 28, 2020?

Edit: It didn't, apparently it released in October 22, 2020 (eary access)...and October 28, 2021 (leaving early access).
Post edited November 19, 2021 by NuffCatnip
Just going by that trailer, the room designs look quite a bit more varied.
I wanted to enjoy the first more, my impression from the trailer looks is positive. Hopefully one can save and go back to the previous run...devs need to understand that people don't live to play their games.
So unfair this fantastic game is being buried on the GOG front page in favor of a 40k mobile port.
It's quite fun. I'm looking forward to unlocking more characters and weapons. :)
Easy wishlist for me.
Nice, I like the first one. And thanks for the Linux version. Wishlisted. :)
Post edited November 21, 2021 by eiii