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Run boy, run!

<span class="bold">Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap</span>, a lovingly remastered version of the cult classic platformer, is now available DRM-Free on

Curses! Your arch-nemesis, the Meka-Dragon, has transformed you into a shape-shifting monster that keeps hopping between forms from one level to the next. Start as a boy or girl, then turn yourself into the human/animal hybrid that would best handle the challenges ahead.
But that's not all the mix-and-matching you'll be doing: This fully remastered version offers the option to easily switch between the HD and 8-bit graphics or sound on the fly!

Watch the wonderful trailer.
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Last time i played something about Wonder boy series, It was Commodore 64 version of Wonder Boy. It was fun game. I have to think about buying The Dragon trap!
Game still isn't showing in the "New" list for some reason.
dtgreene: Two things:

First, please don't call me "DT"; there is a man with those initials who I absolutely detest, and I would prefer not to be associated with someone that evil.

Second, I didn't back it because I am rather picky about what I am willing to back; more or less it needs to be my favorite type of game, which happens to not be platformers. I might consider getting the game after it comes out, however.

Basically, for me to back a game, it would need to be one of these two types (or very similar):
1. A Wizardry-like; that is a first person dungeon crawler with turn-based party-based combat (non-tactical; I don't like having to constantly manage positioning); said game would have almost no story and allow you to create your entire party.
2. A game inspired by the SaGa series. This would, in particular, include a growth system similar to what you might expect in a SaGa game (in particular, not the conventional Level/XP system that's standard in RPGs). I would also like the game to have queer characters, at least one of whom should be an option for the main character (or, alternatively, the main character at some point in the game).

BrinkJ: Sweet! I was bummed when this didn't get a physical release for Switch, stuck on Nintendo's DRM-laden hardware-tied eShop. If it had a physical Switch cartridge release (which is immortal and resellable), I would likely have bought it but decidedly wouldn't due to that. Now that it's got a DRM-free edition, I've got it wishlisted and will likely pick it up when I get through my backlog.
dtgreene: My stance on such things is more stringent; if a console includes, as a feature, a DRM-laden shop, I will not get the console in the first place, even if the console offers physical games ore non-DRM digital downloads. I've also decided to apply that rule to region-locking; if a console is region-locked, I won't get it.

Note that computers are a special case; as long as the DRM store isn't part of the OS and isn't installed by default, it's acceptable. Simply having Steam available for Linux isn't enough for me to avoid Linux; I just don't install Steam in the first place, and the OS doesn't have any DRM* in it.

* Well, technically Linux *does* have something called Direct Rendering Manager (DRM), but it's something completely different. (Also, why is the spell checker flagging DRM?)
It's not a platformer it is an action-adventure game mate :)
shadow1980jpv: Last time i played something about Wonder boy series, It was Commodore 64 version of Wonder Boy. It was fun game. I have to think about buying The Dragon trap!
The Dragon's Trap is different in that it is an action-adventure game rather than a pure action platformer, however I can tell ya, The Dragon's Trap is considered (by many at least) to be the best Master System Game (and therfor the best 8 bit era game ^^) for a reason ;)
Solei: .... the fuck??

One of the games i really loved on my good old Sega Mastersystem back in the days - i would say was the best title in the whole wonderboy franchise (IMHO).

Nice to see it got a new remade version - and i did not expect a title originally from Sega to arrive here at all :)

If this one is as good as the original console version, then go get it ASAP.
Well there always was Wonder Boy in Monster World as well ^^
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Roin: Well there always was Wonder Boy in Monster World as well ^^
I did not get a Megadrive before i could pick a used one up cheap - and at that time i didn't knew of this title.
I tested it out on a emulator - and while the game is o.k., Wonder Boy in Monster Land on the Sega Mastersystem still come in at at a close second place after Dragons Trap in my book.

I guess it got something to do with rose-tinted childhood memories ;)
Just wanted to say to any people on the fence about this game. Buy it, play it, love it. This is how you remake a remarkable game of old.

The reworked music score gave me chills.